BK Industrieelektronik

BK Industrieelektronik

Project-based electronics

Proven competence concerning electronic controllers, prototypes, small production runs, development and production


We support all the way from the idea to the implementation to the packing and shipping of your product.


We would be glad to draw up a draft for your project with the appropriate indication quote and the performance specifications so that we do not encounter unexpected problems that could delay the development work unnecessarily.

We work in conformity with the standards when creating prototypes and carrying out EMC tests.
Any type approvals that are required, documentation for your pilot production and series production are all possible.


At your request, we can provide burning-in that is verified with certificates, and final tests including packing and shipping.


Our services in the field of project-based electronics

Electronic controls, prototypes and small series for customers in Bocholt, Borken, Bottrop, Emmerich, Hamminkeln, Isselburg, Kleve, Rees, Rhede, Wesel, Xanten - national and international - June 2021